The Latest: IT’S HERE! After months, and hundred of hours of passionate attention, we are pleased to announce that the online Foundations of Integrative Rehab Practice (IRP) course has arrived. Go to the IRP main website to learn more about this exciting opportunity for self-paced learning that meets the needs of your demanding life and schedule. Live mentoring via webinar or phone, for those wishing more personalized guidance while delving into a biopsychosocial-spiritual practice, is available to complement your learning needs.

Additional advanced topic modules are in the works, as well as modules on Integrative Headache Management and Integrative Rehab Practice in Mental Health Care. Check back regularly, and sign up for announcements below.

To continue to contribute to the worldwide movement for more integrative care models, a contract has been signed with Singing Dragon/Jessica Kingsley Publishers (England) to develop and edit a book further delineating the construct of integrative medicine as applies to rehabilitation and therapy professions. This will be submitted the summer of 2020 with publication later that year or in early 2021.

We recently presented an overview of this work to the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health on February 21st via webinar.

An important peer-reviewed paper on ACEs and trauma-informed care, co-authored with Embody Your Mind contributors Matt Erb, PT and Noshene Ranjbar, MD, is now published online through the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine’s (ACRM) journal: Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation. Go here to read the paper. Also, find Matt and Noshene at ACRM’s fall conference in Chicago, presenting a full-day workshop on mind-body integration in rehab practice and a symposium lecture on this paper.

Go here for our most recent paper on understanding the impact of child and family separation as relates to immigration and US policy and stay tuned for a forthcoming FOCUS psychiatry CME journal paper on cultural considerations within trauma-informed mental health care.

Check out this recent publication – a recent article that Matt co-authored with Kristine Weber of Subtle Yoga, Asheville, NC, on understanding the relevance and impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences/ACEs, in this case geared for the yoga therapy community. This topic is near to our heart and fundamental to how we work with ourselves and our patients, and those that we teach, learn, and grow together with.

Also consider this a review of this novel paper that Matt had the honor of co-authoring on with my esteemed colleagues in yoga, mind-body medicine, and neuroscience, exploring theoretical parallels between ancient yogic teachings and contemporary neuroscience – in particular, a favorite teaching topic of mine: Polyvagal Theory. It has received extensive attention at the Frontiers in Neuroscience website, garnering over 80,000 views so far!

Matt also has two chapters (one co-authored with Marlysa Sullivan on polyvagal theory, yoga, and pain, and the other that Matt authored on nutrition, pain, and yoga) in a forthcoming collaborative book on a yoga-informed holistic approach to managing pain. You can purchase at numerous retailers, including here.

We are awaiting the publication of a co-authored chapter on the biological underpinnings of resilience, with Dr. Noshene Ranjbar and Dr. Justin Otis, in a forthcoming book geared towards medical residency programs on burnout and resilience.

For a short interview with the Watered Grass Podcast, go here, and for one with Dr. Melissa Cady’s PainOutLoud project, go here and sign up to view.

Several colleagues and I have been presenting at the “Calling Upon the Warrior Spirit to Heal Historical Trauma Conference and Ceremony” series. This has included at the Gila River Indian Community, Sacaton AZ,  Viejas/Kumeyaay near San Diego, and Window Rock/Navajo, overviewing the collaborative work that we are doing with CMBM in Indian Country in relation to trauma-informed care and historical trauma. We are also working to organize another version of the conference in Minneapolis for 2020, stay tuned…

Host Sites Needed to advance the quality of biopsychosocialspiritual care: Embody Your Mind is currently looking for host sites for LIVE/on-site Integrative Rehab Practice courses, geared towards PT and other Rehab Professions. This can include specific to chronic pain, headache management, or general practice guidelines.  Please contact us via email for inquiries… and as noted above, 45 hours of online training is now accessible for home study. Matt’s most recent presentations for Physiotherapy were for both the Arizona and New York Physical Therapy Association’s spring and fall conferences in 2018-2019, which were well-received.

Check back for new courses, publications, and opportunities. In the meantime, you might want to watch a recent webinar presentation I gave for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine on exploring the topic of chronic pain through an integrative, mind-body lens.

Be sure to check out the Mind-Body Medicine Professional Trainings, offered by The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. The next open enrollment program will be the Fundamentals training at beautiful Esalen in Northern California. We will also be contributing to the Center’s Community Healing Collaborative for the Greater Houston area; in Kyle, South Dakota for Little Wound School under an ANA grant; Broward County, Florida for community-wide resilience building ; a community resilience program for Sonoma/Northern California in relationship to the wildfires through 2019; and a unique VISN8 VA program in Florida and Georgia combining the VA’s integrative health coaching model with CMBM’s small group model, to improve care for our veterans. Stay tuned for more CMBM trainings and be sure to check out the highly rated FAM (Food As Medicine) programs – with the next installment at beautiful Esalen in California.


  • Over the last few years, having presented guest lectures to PT educational programs (Iowa, USC, New York Medical College, Emory), we continue to extend invitations to any DPT programs in the US to expand the inclusion of evidence-based mind-body medicine into core DPT education.
  • We are also currently teaching for the University of Arizona College of Medicine, as well as the Department of Psychiatry in their pioneering Integrative Medicine Residency program in collaboration with the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (UACIM). We also recently became more involved with UACIM, authoring segments of the integrative mental health modules. This course is available online for those interested in the topic. Reminder: we are available for lecturing and teaching in all levels of academia.
  • Other recent teaching publications that you may wish to browse include: Yoga Therapy Today on Understanding Opioids, May 2016 edition, co-authored with colleague Fred Taylor, MD, professor of neurology, University of Minnesota… And another feature article in the Yoga Therapy Today Spring 2017 issue, co-written with Marlysa Sullivan on understanding placebo in relation to yoga

Teaching Experience and Services:

  • Faculty, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Professional Training Programs
  • Instructor and Content Reviewer, UACIM
  • Academic Lectures, a few examples include:
    • Polyvagal Theory and Mind-Body Medicine
    • Placebo – The Elephant in the Room
    • Understanding Burnout and Resilience
    • Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma-Informed Care
    • Historical Trauma
    • Exploring Pain
    • Music in Medicine and Healing, Polyvagal Theory and Music
    • Intro to Mind-Body Medicine for Rehab Therapy Education
    • Wellness & Self-Care programs in Medical Education and Residency
  • Professional Continuing Education & Workshops, a few examples include:
    • Integrative Headache Treatment (Geared to Physical Therapists, open to Occupational Therapists and Physicians) (HACEBrochureGeneric)
    • Building a Mind-Body Integrated Therapy Practice (All Rehab Therapists, medical providers also welcome to attend) (MBMTherapistsGeneric)
    • Clinical Considerations of the Polyvagal Theory (Rehab and Mental Health Therapists, Allied Professions, Medical Providers)
    • Understanding Stress Through Yoga
    • Physiotherapy in Psychiatry & Mental Health (under development)
    • Resiliency for Healthcare Providers

Comments from past participants of continuing education programs:

  • “Evidence-based with excellent knowledge of the subject.”
  • “Very well researched, applicable, and handouts are wonderful.”
  • “Great intro to mind-body concepts and ideas for treatment.”
  • “Very knowledgeable instructor and presents material well.” 
  • “This is the best course I have taken in several years. Lots of great ideas for working with chronic pain patients.”

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